Toward a Viable Living in the Context of Climate Justice: Indigenous Community-Based Seed Conservation for Agro-Biodiversity and Food Security
by Renemsongla Ozukum

The global pandemic of COVID-19 can be seen as an “emergency ecological lockdown.” The lockdown invites all of us to engage the question of “climate emergency” that we are facing today, helping us to appreciate and tune our attitudes and actions towards viable ecological living. While restriction of movement and carbon emission may thwart this climate emergency and help humanity in flattening the curve of ecological destruction in a small way, we need to develop healthy and sustainable ways of living. In fact, the lockdown time should be viewed as a “sacred moment” for humanity to unlearn the ecologically destructive patterns of growth and development?
The paper discusses the Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS, hereafter) of women from India by drawing an example from Nagaland, my native state. I shall take the example of the seed keeping tradition and how Indigenous knowledge systems are linked with climate justice, food security and women. Climate justice can be achieved only when the rights to life of all sentient beings are recognized, along with the affirmation that human beings are earthlings, mere custodians in a chain of interdependent relationship. Although seed preservation and seed sovereignty gives us hope and helps us to resist negative changes from outside, there is a need for women to craft a new politics and adopt a new attitude and value system based on the spirit of IKS…

Communication in Bytes: True or Fake News?
by Aruna Gnanadason

Women would take their pots and meet at the well or the common water tap; they would have community events where all would be invited; they would meet at coffee shops or in public parks or even in malls or shopping centres; they would meet in each other’s homes………these were the times and places where communication happened. News both good and bad was shared; relationships were sealed, and solidarity and friendships were nurtured. These could also be the moments when the state of the world was discussed, and concerns shared. It was also the time to talk about the church, one could tell the others present of what she/he liked about the sermon the last Sunday; while another talked about the upcoming elections to the pastorate committee…