Rape Culture and the Chinese Churches: An Exposition of 2 Samuel 13: 1-22
Au Po Yi

According to the latest statistics from the Child Protection Registry (CPR) and the Central Information System on Spouse/Cohabitant Battering Cases and Sexual Violence Cases (CISSCBSV), there were 1,060 new cases of sexual violence reported in 2018. Of the 96.7% female victims, 33.5% were violated by relatives and acquaintances.

How about sexual violence in the church community? No official statistics can be quoted due to the hierarchical structure and family-like bonding within the church. Some senior members of the church, such as pastors, missionaries, ministers, and cell-group leaders, take leadership and teaching roles and in doing so assume superior positions over the members of the church. Somehow, the seniority and the reputation of perpetrators of sexual violence in the church deter victims from reporting or asking for assistance. Another deterrence is the church teaching of “patience and tolerance”. The people who are in charge of dealing with sexual scandals usually limit their objectives to discussing the matter with the church community and promoting reconciliation between the perpetrator and the victim…

Women’s Lamentation: The Noise of Touching the Fruit of the ‘Centered Tree’
Sayuri Watanabe

I. Previous Research on Eve
Eve, the first among women, has been blamed for the so-called Fall. She has been regarded as the representative image of all women, judged as the source of sin; all women except Mary, the Virgin.  Yee explains it by the following lines from De Carne Christ 17:

“In fact she (Eve) gave birth to a devil who murdered his brother; while Mary bore one who with time would bring salvation to Israel.”

Adam was the father of Cain who murdered his brother Abel. But no one blames Adam. No one feels awkward when only Eve is blamed because most of us are well-trained to interpret the Scriptures with the socialized gender biased eyes. Let us consider one of the typical interpretations with gender bias…