Who are eligible to become members?

Women and women’s organisations in Asia who are actively engaged in doing theology from a feminist perspective from an Asian context are invited to apply for full/affiliate membership.

Those women/women’s organisations in and outside Asia and men and those of other gender identities who support the aims and objectives of AWRC are welcome to apply for associate/ fraternal membership.

Upon joining our membership, you will receive complimentary iGi journals and be informed on our Workshops and other events!

We have different types of memberships as follows:

Within Asia- Full/affiliate membership: Women and women’s organisations in Asia are invited to join as Full members. Men and other organisations in Asia are invited to join as Affiliate members.

Outside Asia- Associate/Fraternal membership: Women and women’s organisations outside Asia are welcome to join as Associate members. Men and other organisations outside Asia are welcome to join as Fraternal members.

Categories and Fees:

Annual Membership Fees in US$ Full Affiliate Fraternal Associate
Women in Asia Organisations in Asia Men Organisations outside Asia
Zone A  Diaspora – regional work or living/working in countries outside Asia temporarily 55 60 60 50
Zone B  Australia, Japan, New Zealand 28 33 33
Zone C  Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan 25 30 30
Zone D  Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, China 12 17 17
Zone E  Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam 10 15 15

This is the revised fees structure adopted at CTM 2015. We have radically slashed the rates of Membership fees as the CTM strongly felt that this should not be a barrier for any woman who wishes to participate fully in the life and work of AWRC.


Payment Methods:

1. PayPal

2. Direct Bank Transfer:
Bank NameESun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
Account Name: Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology
Account Number: 1300879078206

We are using the PayPal option as this minimizes our losses in currency exchange and bank charges and ensures we ultimately receive the maximum possible amount that is due to us into our account. Payments $90 USD or more will be encouraged to make a wire transfer to our bank. The payee will be responsible for any outgoing transaction charges.

When you make a transfer, kindly send the details by email so that we can follow up and acknowledge receipt of credit into our account.

***We do not accept cheques.


Inquiries and Membership Form:

We welcome all to join our AWRC family and be part of a great mission to encourage feminist theologies in every part of the world.
To apply as a member, please click on Downloads on the menu and fill out the membership form.
After completing the form, please send it to service.igiawrc@gmail.com.
You may also directly contact us at service.igiawrc@gmail.com for any other questions.