Feminist Theology Workshop

Date: 5-7 December 2019
Theme: Introduction to Doing Feminist Theology Workshop
Location: Manresa Center of Spirituality, Changhua, Taiwan
Countries of members attended: Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong.
Number of attendees: 17

AWRC hosted a workshop in Changhua City, Taiwan, where many of our AWRC members and Taiwanese Christian women gathered to learn about doing feminist theology. We had the honor of inviting Hisako Kinukawa, Limatula Longkumer, and Christina Wong to be our lecturers and they shared different ways to approach feminist theology.

Asian Ecumenical Women’s Assembly (AEWA) [21-27 Nov 2019]

The AEWA was hosted by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), and was held at the Presbyterian Bible College in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The theme of this conference was: “Arise, Be Awake to Reconcile, Renew, and Restore the Creation.” More than 250 women from different denominations and churches participated and discussed the current issues of the world, and the suffering of many people due to injustice. The CCA very kindly invited the AWRC to attend the conference and share our story to the many gathered.