Dear AWRC Members, Readers, and Subscribers of iGi:

Greetings from AWRC!

The Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC) for iGi is calling for papers on the themes for the June and Dec editions in 2019.

June- Climate Justice and Environmental Issues / December- Technology, Fake News and Misinformation

Both of these themes have a direct and indirect impacted on our daily life. It is not something anyone of us can choose to take or avoid. Regarding the Climate Justice of June edition, the truth is those who are least responsible for climate change suffer its gravest consequences. And most of the victims are Asians. Other environmental issues, such as nuclear waste, and micro-plastic harming creatures of the sea, and human drinking water are likewise, current impending problems.

Another urgent issue of fake news and misinformation will be the focus of our December edition. With the development of technology information, we are getting more chances of reading fake news or disinformation. Without discernment of them, we could possibly pass disinformation on and on. We are therefore inviting you to contribute articles, sermons, book reviews or any creative narratives towards counteracting these formidable tasks as a feminist theologist and responsible citizen.

As the only Feminist theological journal in Asia, we always welcome and encourage theological students, young women, and men who are in solidarity with women in their struggles, to share your thoughts and theological reflections. Relevant photos and graphic designs with permission to your source are also welcomed to be sent along with your contributions.

Please send your contributions to and by 10th Oct 2019.

Recommended word limit for each article: 1000 to 4000 words

Please be noted articles that are published elsewhere will not be accepted.

As a gesture of appreciation and thanks, AWRC will send you two copies of iGi whenever your paper or art piece is published.

We look forward to your participation in the work of iGi and AWRC through your contributions.


Best Regards,


On behalf of EAC of iGi, AWRC

Call for Papers June & December 2019

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