Call for Submissions: Feminist Theologies

Call for Submissions

Theological reflection should get roots and embodied in our daily life. Hence, materials from political engagement to cultural representation can all become the source of doing theology. This has been the tenets of contextual theology ever since the forerunner Shoki Coe, a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, principal of Tainan Theological Seminary (1949-1965) and the former director of the Theological Education Fund of the World Council of Churches. Feminist theologies in Taiwan is daughter of contextual theology, taking context (women’s experience both of oppression and liberation) seriously.

The first feminist theologian is a lay woman Dr. Kao Tien-Shiang (高天香) who introduced feminist theology to Taiwan and educated the first generation of feminist pastors and theologians. After the lift of martial law, Taiwan society experienced the booms of different voices, and feminist contextual theology is certainly one of them.  Soon it differentiates into theologies in plural, and the focus of theological reflections not only constrains within the gender/sex framework, but covers all tracks of life, from labor rights to queer theory, to the rights of people with disabilities, to aboriginal issues, to ecological preservation and etc…

The December 2023 issue of in God’s image (iGi) is especially dedicated to Taiwan, this small but good country. It intends to introduce the diversity and vitality of Taiwanese church women and feminist theologies, especially after the dictatorship, contributing Taiwanese voices of women to the world symphony of Christianity. Hence, we call for papers or art works that are grounded in the contexts of Taiwan with a peculiar Christian woman/feminist’s perspective, that may vividly show the growth and struggle of feminist movement both within and beyond the Churches, regardless of denomination, ethnicity, and class.

Selection Criteria

The best pieces for this collection are ones written by people who have been touched, moved, and opened up by something deeper and are now able to express this on paper.  We want to receive works on issues confronting our communities and reflections on these from a Taiwanese woman’s point of view. Work that is honest about failings and fragility, soaked in humanity and hope, and inclusive of protest against the misuse of power.

We will be looking for synergy between creative works to direct the final themes and arrangement. We will select pieces for the collection, so they fit the broad (and generous) ethos of the issue, and if they are of a quality and theological and spiritual reflections/ critiques. We can’t wait to hear from you.


All contributions must be original and have not been published elsewhere in print and/or electronic media. Those that have been published elsewhere will not be accepted.

Taiwan is the host country for this particular issue. If you do not live in Taiwan, please do not submit to us but rather follow iGi’s website for other opportunities to contribute to other editions seeking content for your region.

Include a 50-word bio with your submission.

Articles should be between 1000 to 4000 words. Use the Chicago Manual of Style when citing references in the footnote/endnote.

Poems have no restriction in form but should be no longer than 40 lines. You may send up to 6 poems – simply because we know how difficult it can be to choose and this will give us a sense of your voice.

Pictures if you are sending photos, paintings, drawings, sketches, etc. You may send up to 6 images – simply because we know how difficult it can be to choose and this will give us a sense of your work. For each, include a short description of its meaning/inspiration that speaks to your thinking.  You must explicitly provide permission to use it.

See the full guidelines for contributors to iGi for further information.

About iGi

The iGi, or ‘in God’s image‘ is the oldest existing feminist theological journal in Asia, with two issues produced every year ( It is aimed at fostering and promoting Asian feminist theologies, and encouraging Asian women to articulate, reflect and share their stories and faith in a variety of creative ways. Since 1982, iGi has provided a platform for Asian women, (including Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands), to share feminist/womanist theological thinking and reflections with an international audience.  It has been a medium of communication and conversation between women in this region and between Asian women and women in the rest of the world. iGi serves as a resource for all women who think theologically and for students of theology on themes that reflect feminist struggles and theologizing.

We are not able to pay contributors directly for their work, but as a gesture of appreciation and thanks you will receive two copies of iGi when your submission is published by the end of December 2023.


It would be great if you could send your contributions to  on or before 30th August 2023.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have any questions or queries about your submission or the submission process, please do not hesitate to write to us using the email above.


Wen San Chen

Guest Editor

Call for Submissions – iGi 2023 December

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