Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology (AWRC) cordially invites you to submit a paper for inclusion in its journal, in God’s image (iGi), for its June 2024 edition. This journal provides a venue for Asian Christian women to articulate their faith and aspirations amid Asian realities and struggles.

This iGi dedicates its June 2024 edition to lifting the voices of Filipina theologians. We have chosen the overarching theme, the Theology of Struggle from Pinay Perspectives. The Theology of Struggle is the “brand” of theology that emerged from the Philippines. However, the reflections have come mainly from the male perspective since its inception. Only a handful of women were writing in the past. Thus, this edition will carry the voices of Filipino women rising. Contributions will include your story/women’s stories, analysis of women’s experiences and realities, faith reflections, and reports on women’s conferences you have attended. Those with artistic gifts may submit their artworks, poetry, songs, and photography. The range of interests for this iGi edition includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Biblico-Theological Reflection on Filipino Women’s Realities and Struggles
  • Experiences of Women Clergy and Lay Workers in Church and Society
  • Struggles of Aging Women Pastors
  • Reflections on Women’s Body and Health: self-care, dysmenorrhea, menopause, etc.
  • The Church and Sexuality
  • Climate Crisis and its Impact on Women
  • The Effects of the “Digital Order” on Women’s Social, Economic and Political Life
  • The Role of Hymns and Music in the Life and Struggles of Women
  • Other relevant and related issues to the theme.

We will send the guidelines to the Writers as soon as we receive your Contributor’s Intent and Commitment form. Please send your submission to

Dates of Submission:

  • Contributor’s Intent and Commitment Form – January 19, 2024,
  • Articles in Word Format, font 12: March 1, 2024.

Guest Editor:

Muriel Orevillo Montenegro, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Interfaith Cooperation Forum
Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs

Call for Submissions – iGi 2024 June

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