Dear Members,

Greetings to you from the AWRC office! I hope all of you are keeping well and are finding new inspiration each day to move ahead with life in a meaningful way.

I am writing to you now to inform members belonging to the Southeast Asia (A) subregion that we are initiating the process of nominations for the election of Coordinating Team Member from Southeast Asia (A) subregion that is vacant.

Countries falling under Southeast Asia (A) subregion: Cambodia, Laos P.D.R., Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

A summary of the criteria and process for nominations and election follows:

  • Nominations and election of members are done within your respective subregion.
  • Members please refer to the constitution, pages 2-5; articles 2 and 4 on “Aims and Objectives” and “Membership” respectively.
  • Any full member or affiliate of AWRC may nominate someone from her subregion to be nominated for election, and that to be nominated, one must be a member or that an application for membership must accompany the nomination. [Schedule(S).5.1]
  • It is our duty to “encourage members to take account of the need to rotate the representation around the subregion.” [S.5.1]
  • Enclosed is also a list of members in your subregion from which you can choose to nominate one to represent your region.
  • New CTM members will take office once the result of the election is completed.
  • The term for subregional representatives is four years.
  • The Coordinator and local representative/member in the CTM will be tasked to count votes.
  • Results of the election will be declared in WOMENET & our website. A letter to all nominees informing them the results will follow accordingly.

Time allowed for nominations and timeline for election process:

The following is the proposed timeline (agreed upon consultation with the Working Group):

  1. Letter & form Calling for nomination to be sent – Feb 20, 2020
  2. Deadline to receive nominations – March 31, 2020
  3. Checking if details of names received are current members – April 2, 2020
  4. Sending letter with names of Nominees & ballot forms to each subregion –by April 5, 2020
  5. Deadline for ballots to be received back at AWRC office – May 15, 2020


We suggest that you keep a copy of the form when you are sending one to the AWRC Office according to the deadline.

The Nomination form can be sent back in the following forms:

    1. Email attachment as pdf or jpg file (The form MUST be filled, signed & then scanned & converted into a pdf, or sent as a jpg file [image file]). Please mark the Subject Line as “Nominations for CTM Election
    2. Post (Please give enough time for the post to reach us before the deadline).
      The nomination form should be sent back to the following address:
      Chan Hsiu Yin
      7F-1, No. 75, Hua-Fu Street
      North District, Taichung City
      Taiwan 40453
      (Below the address please indicate: (Nomination Form enclosed)
      Email to or
    3. Please also find attached/enclosed the help document “Instructions for filling Nomination form”.

Please note that nomination forms complete in all aspects required in it will be considered valid. So please take extra care to ensure that your nomination is counter signed by another member also before sending it to us.

We hope to hear back from each of you to acknowledge receipt of this important communication from the AWRC office. Please drop an email to: or

Thank you for your continued support for AWRC and we hope to travel together with you in the coming years in our combined journey as sisters in AWRC.

With warm regards,

Showin Chan
Coordinator, AWRC

List of Members_SEA-B

Nomination Form

Instruction Filling Nomination

Opening nominations for the election of new Coordinating Team Member (CTM) – Southeast Asia (A) subregion

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