IGI” stands for in God’s image

– an Asian Christian women’s effort to provide a forum for expressing our reality, our struggles, our reflections in our faith, and our aspirations for change. It started as a quarterly journal but has turned into a half-yearly journal since 2010. If any of IGI content interests you and you would like to have a copy of this journal, please write to service.igiawrc@gmail.com.

Despite the rising publishing and postage costs, and despite the postal service’s removal of the option of sending mail by sea, we have kept the subscription rates the same since 2013. This is to show you that our desire is for IGI to be read widely and we also hope that our subscribers will continue subscribing to IGI.

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Bank NameESun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
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Account Number: 1300879078206

We are using the PayPal option as this minimizes our losses in currency exchange and bank charges and ensures we ultimately receive the maximum possible amount that is due to us into our account. Payments $90 USD or more will be encouraged to make a wire transfer to our bank. The payee will be responsible for any outgoing transaction charges.

When you make a transfer, kindly send the details by email so that we can follow up and acknowledge receipt of credit into our account.

We do not accept cheques.
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