Our Dear Members, Subscribers, Church Partners, and Friends,


Greetings from AWRC in Taiwan!


Thanks for your prayers and concerns from different corners of Asia since our relocation of AWRC office has started.


We are delighted to announce Paulili PARK as our Publications Assistant for all the matters related to iGi contact/ subscription and AWRC membership/ any other enquiry. Her email is service.igiawrc@gmail.com You are mostly welcome to send her iGi articles and write to her any time.

Meanwhile, we would like to express our apologies to those who had contacted AWRC but ended up hearing no response from AWRC. We are all at you service from now on and surely will get back to you once receiving your concerns. Thank you for your understanding of possible negligence of previous period.


We are hereby deeply appreciative of Hisako Kinukawa’s great help with iGi article collection/ receiving/ coordination ever since the resign of our previous coordinator from June 2017. Our iGi would have not been able to meet everyone without her taking over it during the interim. Many thanks for her Love and contribution to iGi as well as AWRC.


We welcome and never feel tired of your greetings, feedback and suggestions. And do not forget to email us awrccoordinator@gmail.com and/ or service.igiawrc@gamil.com


Looking forward to hearing from you,



Announcement of New Publications Assistant

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