Reminder of The Due Date for “in God’s image” – June & Dec 2019


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New Year Greetings from AWRC in Taiwan!

The Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC) for iGi has decided to combine the June and Dec 2019 as One issue, and extend the due date for submission till 31 March 2020. We welcome your contrition/article to and

The theme for the June issue is Doing Theology in the Face of Climate Crisis, while Technology, Fake News and Misinformation for the Dec. Attached the Call for Papers for June & Dec 2019, and the Guidelines for Writers. You are welcome for any inquiry at any time.

Please forward the Call for Papers to those you know who may be interested in the themes. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


On behalf of The EAC of iGi, AWRC



Reminder of The Due Date of iGi

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