Special edition for the 40th anniversary of iGi, 35th anniversary of AWRC and 16th year of YWDT

Call for Papers from in God’s image (iGi)of Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology, December 2022.

Greetings to All,

The year 2022 also marks the fortieth anniversary of iGi and the 35th anniversary of AWRC. We have come a long way since then. In the past 40 years, the Asian Women Resource Center has literally been our “resource” of strength, wisdom and knowledge.

Thanks to the women who willingly shared their life and had paved the way for more inclusive feminist theologies among us. Alongside, the in God’s image (iGi) became instrumental to disseminate the invaluable knowledge that we have today. Despite our diversities, we share a common vision as members of AWRC:


We envision a community of people who are valued and value each other as created equally in the image of God; and who, together with the rest of God’s creation, relate with one another in mutual respect, care and responsibility. This new humanity is liberating, inclusive and celebrating.”


As a tribute to the 40th year of iGi and the 35th year of AWRC, we would like to once again invite our foresisters/foremothers and members to contribute to this special issue.

It seems only yesterday is such a cliché. But that is really what happened since we first met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006. We were all young women eager to share our experiences and learn from each other. It has been more than a decade. Many of us still keep in touch over the years. Some joined the clergy; others left Feminist Theology and embarked on another career. Yet, wherever we are, it is undeniable that what we have learned and experienced during our youth – as Young Women doing Theology (YWDT) impacted our lives and the others we have served. The iGi Volume 26, March 2007 edition was dedicated to YWDT.

In connection with these, the iGi will release a special edition that documents our decades of journeys, struggles, victories and so much more. We would also like to dedicate this edition to the foremothers and foresisters who paved the way for Asian Feminist theologies as well as in clearing our paths towards knowing a more inclusive G*d and society. But this is not the end of our journey.

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic changes our trajectories and possibly the way we see things have changed. We are stuck up at home to continue our jobs. All came to a halt. We begin questioning our relevance in the rapidly changing world- that is now the virtual world. We are overwhelmed with the magnitude of work and how little we have done.

Yet, as we reflect on the current situation, we realize that more than ever, we are needed. Our efforts to continue our advocacy are not without use. We are all in this together. We must persist, we must resist. And we can only do that if we re-shape our plans. Hence, reconnecting is essential so we can once again hold hands, reminisce, and derive lessons from the past.

The years and distance may have separated us, but there is no better time than today to act for the betterment of our societies.

On behalf of the local editorial board for in God’s image (iGi)’s, I would like to invite you to share stories, anecdotes, literary pieces, and photos during those years in AWRC, iGi and YWDT.

The objectives of this issue are the following:

  1. Reconnecting with YWDT, AWRC and iGi;
  2. Retelling of our stories and sharing our present endeavours;
  3. Sharing our insights about AWRC, iGi and YWDT, and how these help you in anyways (work, relationships, etc); and
  4. Moving forward to the challenges of the digital world during the pandemic and post-pandemic.

We look forward to hearing from you.


About the Journal

iGi provides Asian women with a platform for sharing their experiences of struggle, achievement, reflections, dreams and aspirations. It started as a quarterly journal but has turned into a half-yearly journal since 2010. For more information and details, please refer to

Submission Process

Authors are invited to submit a full paper. Articles should be between 1000-4000 words in length. The formatting guidelines are enclosed.

Full articles, pictures or graphics should be sent to Chief Editor or

Key Dates of Submission

Submissions Open: Immediately

Submissions Deadline: April 10, 2022

The editor for this issue is Ms. Eunice Barbara C. Novio     Email:

On behalf of the Editorial Advisory Committee of iGi, AWRC

Call for Papers iGi December 2022 Special Edition

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