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Greetings from the AWRC Office in Chennai! The Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC) for iGi, is pleased to call for articles for the June 2015 issue of iGi which will be a “mixed” or “Open issue”. The EAC that met in 2013 decided that while iGi’s tradition of issues on specific themes and national issues will continue, there will also be a “mixed issue” each alternate year. This is to give space to essays, bible studies, reflections, poems, liturgies etc., that may not fit any of the forthcoming editions with assigned themes. AWRC is therefore inviting you to contribute essays and other articles (including poems) on any theme related to the reality and liberation of Asian women in general. We welcome narrative and analytical essays, biblical exegesis and interpretation or sermons, reflections and poems that critiques and analyzes oppressive reality, deconstructs dominant theological and ideological beliefs and points towards transformation. iGi also encourages students’ attempts at feminist theologizing so those studying theology, religions or women’s studies please feel free to send us your articles. We request you to also send art work appropriate to your articles along with the permission to use those (if they are not original work that you have created or have permission to use). If you are an artist, iGi will also feature art pieces, e.g. photos, paintings, drawings, sketches, etc. that portray themes of justice, women’s issues and oppressive realities in your contexts.\r\n\r\nAttached is a flier outlining “Guidelines for Writers of iGi”.  For the June 2015 issue due date for submissions is 30 March 2015. You may send inquiries or submission by email to:  AND As a gesture of appreciation and thanks AWRC will send you two copies of iGi whenever your paper or art piece is published. We look forward to your participation in the work of iGi and AWRC through your contributions.



The Editorial Advisory Committee (2015), iGi

Call for Papers for iGi June 2015

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